Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mirror Images in ; - ) It was cold...then worked on getting the end of year financial statements completed for the Condo Association at the beach, yes I am the treasurer, putting that MBA to work. I finished them, printed out the reports and put them in envelopes ready to go out! That is always a chore I am happy when I complete it. But it also reminded me the beach house will be opening in three months, April 1st... yeah..I'll be sending out letters to potential renters in the next week or two...

Then I cut my finger : - ( darn those file folders, its tough to stop a bleeding finger when trying to wrap a band aid around it! Thank goodness for Neosporin with pain relief, paper cuts hurt! I had to wrap three band aids to get it to stop bleeding! Ouch. Well at least its not my camera hand.

Just as I started to cull images for a client who wants two more images for her collection I received a phone call from a school buddy who now lives in Mass. We were buds in the 1960's...its so nice to have friends who are life long! Thanks for calling Kathy! Nice talking to you.

I received some nice feedback on those mirrored Ice Images I posted yesterday, so I played with two more..
Tomorrow a couple of my friends and I are heading up to the Susquehanna to hopefully get some more icy images...its really only that cold here in Baltimore for a couple of weeks so you have to get out while the weather is right for ice.

So I will have to finish sorting through some images tomorrow for a client. More office work tonight.

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