Friday, January 22, 2010

Seeing in Black and White

I am a color girl, (interesting though that I chose a B&W image for the blog image) I do love color in my images but every once in a while, I test out some shots in Black and White. That is.... I shoot them in color and convert in PS. I am intrigued with the vision of some photographers who only "see" images in black and white...not because they are color blind, but because they are "wired" this way.
Arthur Ransome, shared this actual thought process with me one day when I asked him about his work. When Arthur came to The Baltimore Camera Club, I was impressed with his work, but he always displayed in Black and White only. I asked why and he said he only "sees" images as Black and White, not color, even though he is not color blind. That was a big awareness for do I get images in my mind in black and white? It is a good challenge to try and see...from another persons perspective...gradually over time I am getting it. These are a few, I converted a couple days ago and never got to posting.....Black and White is such a beautiful classic look....check out Arthur's site for some nice work! and his thoughts.

Sundown is an image overlay in Photoshop: Iced In is a macro image; shot with a 200 mm lens, converted in PS and Tracks is a 3 shot HDR converted in PS.


  1. I too like to shoot in color but everyonce in a while I think it works in B&W too! I convert in Nik Silver Efex Pro. Great program. Sometimes I combine both!
    I love the tracks image!

  2. I think many of us are developing more of an affinity for B&W. It accentuates the design elements of the images so well! I especially like 'Iced In.' Barbara K

  3. Thanks Ellery thumbs on the Nik program, I have to buy it yet. Thanks Barbara!

  4. Very nice Karen. You have included many B&W images on your blog over time and they are very inspirational. You absolutely do "see" in B&W and I very much admire your work - both color and B&W.

    P.S. Thanks for the plug to my website.....


  5. Thank you Arthur, hope you had a fun day in the subway system in DC shooting!