Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baltimore Mosque..

Today I made a run to east Mark Supik's wood shop on North Haven Street. Mission: to see if he would finish the assembly of a footstool Dad started to make for Mom in 1965! The picture here is just the way it has been, since Dad probably got frustrated or busy and never finished it for Mom. The crewel fabric Mom selected was also in the container and in great shape. The actual pattern for the classic English foot stool was in the container. The date on the pattern was from February 1965, Woman's Day Magazine. So, I decided when cleaning up a little yesterday to go into action and get it assembled after all these years. Mark said yes he would take on the small project, and that it would cost more than the item would be worth, but I didn't care it was sentimental. So I left it there, for him to finish the wood working part, then I have to go to the upholsterer to get the crewel and padding work assembled together. Well that got me into the Patterson Park area of town and as I was riding around the park the towers of the Mosque came into view over the hill, so I stopped to make some images of the beautiful fall colored trees and the mosque.The images are multiple exposures processed in Photomatix Pro 4 and the last two were run through Snapart2 Pastel filter.

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