Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few more Ice Pattern Mirriors.......

 After talking to a friend who has had a bad go of some back surgery, I headed out this morning to finish a few more Holiday errands. I dropped off a calendar to my service tech, Sylvia, at Valley Motors VW. She is always so nice. Then I stopped and picked up some wrapping paper from Stebbins Anderson an old Baltimore hardware/ gift store. I just value their current business model, service and merchandise assortment. I picked up exactly what I needed and more. They have these fun little "things" don't know what else to call them but they are hand painted indoor/outdoor tin decorations from The Round Top Collection. I have been collecting some each year since I discovered them. My daughter sent me a hand painted tin snow man years ago which I hang outside every year and that is what started the hand painted tin affliction. They really are cool and their designs are so much fun. So now all my packages are wrapped and I am looking forward to heading to Ashburn, Va. Saturday to be with family in the area. Hopefully the snow will not be a problem.
This afternoon I made some more mirror images from my ice shoot on Sunday. I am looking forward to doing some city shooting tomorrow with some friends.


  1. Absolutely amazing! Just gorgeous. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing these images.