Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mt Vernon Place Holiday Celebration

After class on Tuesday night, when I just barely made it through my lecture due to a scratchy throat, I have pretty much been in the house with a nasty cold! Drat! I have missed a great session on Lightroom 3 today with Elliott Cohen, and missed the garden club holiday swag making and cookie swap last night. I had planned on getting my outside decorations started tomorrow. Now I am running behind for the holidays...but I was not going to miss the Lighting Celebration of The Washington Monument in downtown Baltimore's Mt. Vernon Place, on Thursday night. (Hindsight, I probably should have stayed in as my cold seemed to get worse after that) But I have wanted to attend this event for a long time, however for many different reasons never did. This year everything was right for me to attend except for this darn cold, but I still went. By the time the fireworks went off there was not a single space left to stand on the surrounding sidewalks and I had to ask folks to be careful not to trip on the tripod legs and  to stay a few feet away from the camera or I would have been getting the backs of their heads in my shots. Everyone was very nice and obliged. I enjoyed listening to the holiday songs and watching the families with their children come out for this event. It felt good to be in Baltimore!

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