Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Beach Run

Processed in Nik HDR Efex Pro

Yesterday, Annette and I left Baltimore around 6:00 am in search of some winter scenes at the beach, which we both love so much, in lower Delaware. Traffic on I-95 had already begun to build for rush hour and we made it over the Bay Bridge in good time. We were tempted with many beautiful back river scenes we saw from the highway as daylight came on and decided to try and find some early morning shooting location on Kent Island. So we pulled off the highway, and we found a vantage point of the frozen shores and made some images there. We stopped for some breakfast and much needed coffee at the Ihop in Seaford, DE.
Single shot Photoshop only

Our journey continued on toward the shore and we commented how we could see the path of the recent storm as the snow became more apparent in the fields and some drifting snow over the roads. But I must say it was clear sailing all the way, with no travel issues. We decided to check out the beach from a vantage point near my beach house. We both put on our tall snow boots as we expected trudging through some drifts. My first sight of snow on the beach was beautiful by the dune fences between the beach houses and the actual beach. So we made some shots there. We proceeded on to the beach and I was surprised to see the ocean as calm as a quiet day in the summer. The ocean was not rough, the shore was flat and the snow was only accumulated around the dune and back areas. I guess the tide had washed away whatever snow actually fell on the beach. So we found some pretty cool drifts around the dune fences and made some shots there, which was great because as we were crouched down low to get the angles we wanted, the dune shielded the wind.
Single shot Photoshop only

By the time we finished working this area of the beach it was well past two and we decided since our light was going to run out at 4:30...we had a few choices to make. We both agreed that we wanted to see Prime Hook, with its marshy landscape in the snow so we headed north past Rehoboth and made it to Prime Hook in time to explore a few areas and make some shooting picks. So as the sun was heading down and the shooting day was ending we made some shots there. The ditch which normally houses tons of mosquitoes in the summer was transformed with icy edges and frozen textures. We had a great day and we were hungry for some dinner so we headed for Meding's in Milford, De. which is always a winner for some great seafood. We made it home by 9:30, tired but feeling like we achieved our mission, as much as we could in one day! All shots here were made with a Nikon D2X.
Processed with Nik HDR Efex pro

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