Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice and Leaves in B&W

    Just taking a break from wrapping some gifts and I thought I would post some of the images I processed from yesterdays ice hunt. When it gets cold enough here to freeze water surfaces, the boggy areas  in the Susquehanna State Park, filled with drainage water off the hills, that sprout skunk cabbage in the spring,  glaze over with ice. The beech and maple trees drop leaves in layers in this area as it it thick with trees. I noticed it was frozen over enough for me to walk on the surface of this shallow bog, so I made some images there yesterday. The beech tree leaves, when decaying, become speckled with black pin dots, like pepper has been shaken on them. The ice that was covering this melange of layered leaves was rough due to the dusting of snow last week melting and refreezing.The overlapping of shapes, and textures under the ice dusted with snow, and filled with small bubbles, intrigued me and begged for some black and white conversions. I chose the square format to emphasize the intersection of the layers. All the shots were made with a 200 m macro lens and processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

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