Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Foggy Day

Had to do some owner chores today, trim the big Cedar hedge in front of the house, and clean up the porches from the construction work I had done, and begin to paint the front room walls and baseboard from water and mildew damage over the winter. After getting some things done I had a list for I headed up to Lewes again for some paint, a sander, some screws, misc stuff and some new blinds for the screened in porches. It was  clearing when I left but as soon as I got to Rehoboth the fog was thick again. When I left Lowes, I went on to Prime Hook. I have never seen the Marsh all yellow like it was and it appeared as if some of the regular vegetation was not growing anymore. There were only a few Canadian geese there and no marsh birds, pretty strange, but the landscape was very interesting in the fog so I made some images. Tomorrow I will have to do some chores...maybe I can get out to the beach here tomorrow for a few quick beach shots.

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