Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just can't get away from my upbringing.....Mom and Dad were gardener's and "Garners." Maybe its in the name, who knows but they influenced me tremendously. I remember in sixth grade I had a project for school and with their help I wrote about and cataloged pictures of public gardens and parks on the east coast! I love to garden and have spent the day cooking for the "Greenbrier Garden Club" meeting tomorrow night; 25 women! Its the last night for the season, and we are scheduled to "walk" through some neighbors gardens and mine too, so I hope the rain showers don't spoil the walk. Afterward we will come back here for some refreshments and food.

So this is just a quick note and a post of a couple images I worked a day or so ago. The little pink and blue flowers I shot at Longwood and the "Smudge" of tulips I shot at Sherwood a few weeks ago.
Now I gotta get cleaning! : - (

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