Saturday, May 15, 2010

Through the Bus Window

I have been off the blogosphere for a few days..but today I went with some great folks from the Baltimore Camera Club to New York to view and be guided through the Cartier-Bresson show now at the MOMA. It was a great day and we had a good time. I did not want to carry a lot of camera gear and I am working on getting a portfolio of Lensbaby images for an upcoming Lensbaby presentation with Penn Camera, so I packed my Lensbaby gear for the day. I'll be sharing some of those images as I get more processed but I wanted to get a few of these up tonight. Don and I sat right up front on the way home....that was great. I started shooting through the front window as we sat waiting to leave NY, but the real fun came after dark and in the Lincoln Tunnel, when I was making some road shots. The best was when we had a real hard hail storm on I-95 and the windows became completely covered with water no matter how hard the wipers were these shots were made with a Lensbaby, with a 5.6 aperture insert from the front seat of the bus....going 70 MPH!

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