Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Last of New York, with the Lensbaby!

Today, I made a new print for a client to add to her collection..she has a very nice assortment of my flower and close up nature prints. I also went to see my ailing Uncle...for a little while.

Just put some new lectures and workshops up on the blog and site, and received a very nice e-mail from Nancy, who came up to Baltimore to shoot with me in the early spring, letting me know that two of the images she created that day won a place in her camera club's competition. That was very nice to know!

I bought some new hike boots from REI and I bought some roses to plant in the garden. Surprise, I took no pictures today.
So here are the last of the New York day trip series shot with various Lensbaby optics..on the way to the pick up point we stopped and had a great NY sandwich of corned beef on rye at Juniors, a real NY tradition, but we were too full for the cheesecake! Homeward Bound and Porters were shot through the bus window as it began to rain.

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