Friday, August 6, 2010

Bolton Hill, Friends and Photography

     Thursday was a day centered around photography, old friends and old places. I started the day with a private lesson appointment, helping a photographer advance her skills. Then met my friend, Kathy, from the "old neighborhood," Randallstown. I met Kathy when I was in sixth grade I believe..that's about when her family moved into the neighborhood, maybe a little earlier. We "hung" out together, played softball together and had plenty of sleep overs as young  teens. Kathy and her family moved away to Sudbury, Mass. at some point, and I lost a close friend at that time. But somehow we have managed to remain "sistas". She is a little older than I am and she calls me little sista! I love that. We had a long and great lunch, on Thursday as she has come back to Balto. to visit her real little sister. It was so good doing a bit of reminiscing! It was especially great because she had a bout of Thyroid cancer and now shows no signs. Thank God!
      That evening, I met some friends from the Baltimore Camera Club in Bolton Hill for a dinner time street shoot. Bolton Hill is where I first attended art school at MICA. I was in 11th grade in high school and was taking some summer school credits. Well they said I could "audit" but not gain real college credits at that time, so my parents supported my interest and paid the summer fare. It was a great time and a great I walked the streets of Bolton Hill, a strange memory came to mind....I could remember the smell of ganja wafting out of the old cafeteria area and recalled the song Purple Haze, by the most amazing rock guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Boy, that was a time!!!!!
       The images here are of Bolton Hill, and the neighborhood surrounding MICA. I was in a mood tonight to process them using Snapart2, especially since my free trial ran out and I bought it, I though these would be fun to process with the Oil Paint filter.
       Today, I met 10 participants in a Field shoot at Longwood to make some images of the beautiful water lilies blooming now, and tomorrow I am heading to Southern Maryland, St. Mary's College, with Annette to do some shooting and pick up my award and cash $$$ ; - ) for winning 1st place in Monochrome, 2nd place and an HM in color from the photo contest of The Governor's Cup Race last year. I think photography has taken over my life, in a good way!