Friday, August 13, 2010

A few more stragglers...

Today was another office day, cleaning up files and doing some back ups. In the process of cleaning up some files, I had one image from my last visit to the beach I never posted so that's the one above. Its a straight shot with just a simple texture overlay. The other two images were from a Fells Point shoot a couple weeks ago with a client. I like the tutorial I found on u-tube about doing some different frames on images and decided to try it on these tonight just to reinforce the learning process...I always suggest doing something at least ten times when it has multi-steps in a process as this one does..

These images below are again some experiments. Both have been worked on PS and Snapart2, then had the frames treatment applied...and the background layer textured in Snapart2. Well it's a look I guess. Maybe it will be handy any case its fun to experiment. Wharf does not have a texture overlay but John J does, I applied the texture overlay before processing it in Snapart2.