Saturday, August 21, 2010

Water Lily Play

On Thursday night it was great to see folks at The Baltimore Camera Club again. I was so excited that two of our members were published in the Portfolio edition of Color Magazine. Steve Dembo received an excellence portfolio and Don Vetter a merit portfolio. In addition Arthur Ransome has received notice from Black and White magazine of their intent to publish his Forest Haven portfolio. 
It is so rewarding to have such fine photographers in our club and to call them friends!  Check out their work. I guess I better get busy and do some submissions.  ; - )
     I have had no photo shoots lately, so I decided to post these two images I have been playing with from my Longwood shoot.When using a polarizing filter shooting the lilies I chose not to polarize the water when shooting this image, which gave me a white background, because the sky was overcast. That was a perfect starting point in my mind for an image overlay idea. Using some overlays and filters I came up with these images, color and monotone...same image different look. The first night I processed them I thought OH you have done too much so I didn't post them. I went back and looked at them last night and they looked better, go I did a few little selective area adjustments and converted them for the web. Still didn't post them...but today....I decided to show them.
   I am looking forward to having a nice dinner and seeing some folks tonight I have not seen in 40 years! A small high school gathering. Wow, that was fast!

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