Monday, August 9, 2010

Deale, Maryland ....then home.......

Deale, Maryland is a popular destination for boaters located on Rockhold Creek in Southern Anne Around County, on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It was our final destination on our photo ramble Saturday. As we entered Deale, the sun was beginning its descent from the sky and the hulls on the boats in harbor were lit beautifully, creating amazing reflections in the still waters. We found a place to park across from the Lucky Harbor Inn, and then walked down to the docks and set up. We made a few compositions there and walked around before deciding to ramble on. We had some friendly conversations with some locals who were enjoying some drinks on the deck of the restaurant, which was not busy. 

 We decided to drive on toward the restaurant Annette had in mind, but I made a wrong turn and rambled some more...we came across some barns with the fading light of the day, creating some nice effects on the large tree, fields and barns. We and made our last shots of the day there. I shot some bracketed images for processing in Photomatix..then into Photoshop and finally into Snapart2.

 Afterward we drove to Skippers Pier on Drum Point Road, but it was packed and we were hungry so we headed back to the Lucky Harbor, I mean heck if the locals are there, you can be sure its good. We  had a great dinner of Parmesan coated trout, red potatoes and green beans. I enjoyed a Bushmills and seven and a twist of lemon; any place that carries Bushmills is all right with me!

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