Thursday, August 19, 2010

There comes a time.....

Been very busy lately...and not doing much shooting. I have decided to try and sell my rental property located in Federal Hill, a late 1800's Federal Style town home, a few blocks from the Cross Street Market and Camden Yards in Baltimore.  I have owned it since 1999 and property management is time consuming and I want to spend my time doing other things now. I am torn about it, but owning three houses, (not really complaining, I am fortunate that way) and doing all that by myself has just become too by Mid-September it will be on the market! My renters are moving the first week of September and I will have to go in and clean up, one more time!!!! Paint, patch, power wash the patio and clean well.....Before showing the property.
So I will be very busy in September getting it ready for sale..and hopefully it will sell. I took some photos today for the real estate agent to use...that's about all the photography I have done in a week. My renters are on vacation, so I was able to get some shots while it has some furniture in it...the agent said its good to present that way...

In addition to meeting the real estate agent today, I met a client and worked on helping her organize files.....then I attended a funeral tonight, for a dear friends daughter who passed away unexpectedly at 47, leaving behind three children, very sad. It was good to see some old friends from my retail days and talk retail shop again, but sad for my friend who lost her daughter. I can't even imagine the grief.

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