Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCC End of Year Image Project

Hopefully this little clip of a movie will play on the blog, as this is a test to see if it will import the file.
Each year I produce a show for the Baltimore Camera Club of member images taken through out the year. This year I am working with a new computer and a new program. AGGGGGH. Change is hard. The program is Keynote and my new computer is a Mac Book Pro.

So if this works it is a preview of the type of production viewed at the end of the year. I tried to voice over, but met with no success due to some feedback issues here, so I will have to ask the Mac gurus at the Towson store, what that is on my next One-to-One session which have been most helpful during this learning curve...but I am learning, even if its slowly and I swear I forget from one week to the next! You might want to turn down the sound, I used an Ocean soundtrack and it sounds a little loud, but the good thing is it worked! I guess as good as one could expect given it is a web sized file, and the images are small. If you zoom in on your screen you can get a better view.

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