Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kent Island St. Michaels

Today Jim and I went to Kent Island in search of the old oyster and fishing boats that ply the bay. We left Baltimore around 8:00am, I needed a little sleep after yesterdays full day of shooting. Jim's wife Mary was participating in the Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point, so he was free for the day of shooting. We arrived on Kent Island around 9:00 and shot until 11:00 under overcast skies. The ice breaker boat had been in the harbor and cleared a channel but the moored boats were surrounded by the ice. We left Kent Island and headed to St. Michaels and got a bite to eat before searching for the ship Jim was interested in shooting at the Boat Museum. We enjoyed a tour of the restoration area and then went out shooting.
I made a couple shots, but the wind was whipping on the point and I just wandered around looking at the museum displays, until it was time to leave at 3:00. We walked back to the car and I put my gear away, when I pointed out pretty shot to Jim. He decided to shoot it, as I sat in the car, I talked myself into getting my gear out again and shooting it as well. Jim reminded me how I missed a photo opp a week ago because I left too soon. The sun was low and the hulls of the three boats were drifting creating beautiful alignments of three hulls in the ice and water. I like that shot better than any other I made all day long so Thanks Jim for reminding me, to get that shot.


  1. Pretty quick putting some of the images up. Very nice and good day albiet windy and chilly.