Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HDR Practice

Today I had a chance to shoot for just a little while and learned some more functions on my camera, auto adjusting the bracketing choice from 1 stop to either 1/2 or 1/3 which is a really nice feature for shooting HDR depending on the amount or tonal range in the scene. I went to Ruxton to see if I could access the Old Gothic Revival church that was an African American Church in the 1800's. I was particularly interested in seeing more of what HDR would do for windows in an image, both for looking into the depths of a building and for how the reflections are developed.
This one shot with the stained glass in the upper left of the front window is actually looking through the church and picking up the stained glass on the back of the building. I intentionally positioned myself to capture that relationship and exposed for both. Using a seven stop auto bracket and tossing out the brightest and darkest, then combining them in Photomatix. Fun! The other HDR window has a very slight glass filter applied in photoshop. The HDR door has a smudge filter and a gaussian blur. Fun!

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