Monday, January 19, 2009

More on the Susquehanna

Sunday Annette, Steve and myself returned to the river in hopes of finding the hoar frost on the maple leaves on Deer Creek, but they were gone as the temps rose overnight, (lesson learned, shoot it when you see it) so we headed back to the rivers edge and the water was low and we shot some more ice stuff. There were large sheets of ice tossed against the rocks from yesterdays water release and the overnight draining left them wedged between rocks, They made very interesting displays as if looking through textured glass. After Steve and Anette headed home, I went in search of some old barns and farms as the landscape was so winter colored, reminding me of Andrew Wyeth's images. So I made a few more shots and headed home in time to get to the Ravens party at Jim and Marys, too bad we lost!

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