Friday, January 23, 2009

Linwood Thurmont

Annette, Barb and myself headed out to Carrol and Frederick County today. Our first stop was Linwood, Maryland a small rural town with classic farms and old abandoned train supply buildings for the Midland Railway. We traveled down the route 77 east of Thurmont and found an old abandoned barn by the tracks. We spent several hours creating images.
All these shots are HDR, some with artistic applications in Photoshop. I did take a couple straight shots which I have not processed yet, but it was an HDR day as we had bright blue skies and all our scenes were very high contrast.
We had a nice lunch in the Cozy Restaurant and went on to shoot some icey river shots in the Catoctin State Park. It was a full and fun day, and Annette's birthday!

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  1. Love those rustic photos they remind me of some I did years ago when I lived up in Door Co. Wi. I think I should get my good old cannon out and shoot a few myself but right now the snow is a little too deep to get to the remote spots. I am enjoying your forays for now.