Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter in Maryland

It was a chilly 23 degrees and a little snow shower passed just before dawn. I was pre-scouting for the BCC field trip on Saturday to shoot ice. The pond was beautiful, and I could have stayed there all day, but my toes were freezing and the sun was getting bright. I just love looking through a macro lens at the minutia of the frozen matter of a pond or wetland. Today Mother Nature threw in a few snow flakes just to make it interesting, how lucky. Looking at these images makes me marvel at our world, as I see the stewy mush of the marsh color the backgrounds of these images as the shapes and patterns of the flakes and bubbles among the frozen leaves near the surface take on center stage, while the working world whizzed by on I-95. How lucky I am to be gazing through my macro lens at this pond in morning light.

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