Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Food Shoot

This morning I set up a food shot on my dining room table to try out my new Ego Lights by Lowellin preparation for my food shoot tomorrow at Roys
This is the first time I have set out to shoot food. I found the site of Brendan Lekan while doing research and he kindly answered some questions I had. His shots were very nice and he said his favorite food shoot lens is a 55 macro. Well I don't have one, but I do have a 105 and thats what I practiced with today.
After doing some research on the net for food photography, I was ready to make some exposures. I had purchased two Lowell Lights with white reflectors. I had on hand a couple hand held mirrors for bouncing light around, a little tip I read about that surely makes a difference, and breakfast! All the apple and banana shots were made at 1/60 at 5.6: Keeping the composition and exposure consistent, while I was trying different light, reflector and mirror combinations. If you read this blog and want to let me know which shot you like best of the apple and banana, I'd be happy to get your opinion and why.

I wanted to have a shot set up so when I made my breakfast I could drop the plate in and crack off a few shots before enjoying my eggs, toast and apple. So heres my test shots, in the apple and banana shot there are very subltle but important variances in the shadowing and lighting of the subjects which I think would make a difference in a shot or not. For lunch I will try the 55mm lens baby and see what I get. Its a food day!

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