Monday, June 8, 2009

Last of the Beach

Yes, this is the third post of the day! Well I was off line for a while!But this is the last for the trip...heading home tomorrow. These have a little artistic application from Topaz. I also discovered I must have deleted a folder accidentally, last night when the computer said the disc was getting full, I received a phone call simultaneously and had only had eight hours sleep in the past 48! So lesson learned!
I transferred some files to my Lacie portable HD and freed up some space to download another card and must have screwed something up in the process, or just goofed up. It was a card of images from the night we went to the Big Stone Beach hoping for the spawning even of the horse shoe crabs, so I guess of all the nights that was a good one to loose, but I know I had some nice images on it of the big skies and calm waters.
Oh well!

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