Friday, June 12, 2009

Return to the Beach

Wow, what a short week this has been, Drove home late Tuesday afternoon, just in time to cut the grass between thunderstorms. Wednesday I was catching up on snail mail, paying bills and preparing for the Annual BCC Awards Dinner. Thursday I tutored in the morning, spent time talking with Amy Deputy about a part time opportunity working in her studio. She is a fabulous photographer and a pretty swell human. I look forward to working with her on a part time basis doing some business development and admin stuff, and whatever else she needs me to help with.
Then I headed to meet a client who wanted to select some waterfall prints for her home.
That was a busy day, and at night I drafted the 2009-2010 schedule for the BCC, and followed up on some e-mails.

Today was another outside day,paying condo association bills and in between I looked at some images I had not developed from the beach shoot last here's a few just goofing around.
I did have some really good news, my nephew Steven Bumbry was drafted for the Orioles, and looks like he will playing in the minor league, The Iron Birds, for a while waiting to get the to the "Big League". Sunday the family is having a celebration for him, he has worked hard his whole young life in the sports arena.
Then its back to the beach for a week. I am thinking I should start doing some beach weekend workshops after the season...there is so much beauty on the Delaware shore.

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