Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roys Restaurant Food Shoot

Whew, I think I got it! Here are some shots from Roys, new lunch menu. Chef Rey prepared six dishes; Thai Beef Salad, Jade Pesto Ono, Lakani Lau Roll, A Bento Box,Crab Cakes and Jumbo Lump Rockfish, for me to photograph today. His preparation was just beautiful, I mean how could you mess up food that looked so good! I carted my suitcase with the Lowell Ego lights downtown as well as tripod and a couple bags of gear...We started working at 1:15 and finished up around 3:00, I made over 200 images!
Here are a few I really liked. If these images make you want to eat them, except for those vegetarians in the viewing audience, then I have done my job! Let me know what you think.I am putting the CD with 25 processed images in the mail tomorrow. Ok thats it gotta go pack for the Beach weekend with the BCC in Lewes, Delaware.

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