Saturday, June 20, 2009

Incredible Evening

After getting things together around the house all day, laundry and home stuff, I headed to the Dairy Queen in Fenwick, for a root beer float around 5:30.
As I was finishing the sky was getting darker and as I drove North to S. Bethany the sky became ominous. I made a few images on the beach before the lightening started and I headed for cover. After reading the book, "A Match to the Heart" I don't mess with lightening! I waited it out on the porch and when it began to slow and clear headed back out. Then guess what another line of storms came was amazing I pulled into a spot in Bethany after driving through a flooded run up to the each. Well when I hoped for great light and awesome clouds this morning I surely got what I asked for..these are just a few of the images I made, I could literally spend all night developing them as there were so many unique cloud formations and light!


  1. Saw a comment from Ed Heaton to you on Facebook and wanted to comment on your image so I looked you up. "Clearing" is very nice. As are all your beach scenes.