Thursday, June 25, 2009

Processing isn't everything but it sure makes a difference!

Today I received a question on the "colors" in the beach series I posted last week. I love color!
I hope it wasn't too much.

Here I am sharing my raw file no adjustments at all, (that's bold) which is the second in the set of the two and my processed files the first one, on two images created and processed that week. When I see an image I have taken that has good possibilities for enhancement I first open it in raw and make adjustments there, I especially like the light and dark global zone adjustments. Also some global color toning as well using saturation and luminosity. Then I open the image in Photoshop. Make further adjustments as necessary, spotting or maybe some curves, horizon adjustments etc. When I finish that work, if I want a further enhancement in the image, that I know might work, I then open the saved processed image and go to the filters plug in and use Topaz Adjust or Topaz Simplify. Sometimes I use both on the same file.

I play with the sliders and effects while watching the image and land on an effect or color toning I like...that's about it. I think of it as a set of in an artists box of paints.

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