Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Day into Night

It was another nice day at the beach. I finished photographing the rooms in the house for a potential customer, did some laundry and headed for the beach in the afternoon. The skies were threatening all day, but we never had a storm. The low pressure front that came through yesterday stalled off the coast and the beautiful flat seas from yesterday where rough seas today from all the energy the low system was generating. I did not go in the water, but enjoyed sitting on the beach. I came back for dinner and then as the evening was getting on, headed back to the beach with my camera. Tonight was the first night all week there was a colorful sundown. There was a young man on the shore just staring out to sea standing motionless, I was wondering what he was thinking as I took his picture. I made some shots until the light was getting low, and as I was heading back there was a little boy sitting on the lifeguard chair, waving to a family member on a porch. When I saw him silhouetted against the evening sky it was as if he was waving good bye to the day. So I asked him to do it again so I could make a picture.

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