Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Processing Morning Sail

Its been a hot few days at the beach and when I went out last night to the ocean with my camera to try and create some beach images I was attacked by black flies...hundreds! Stuck to my jeans, my legs my shirt yuck!...and I had to leave the beach fast! It was a very still night and the wind had been off the land, when that happens the flies swarm the beach, there was no one on it! No wonder! So I have not made any images here this week.

I did however get some inquiries as to the processing of the image "Morning Sail". So I am sharing the process, please don't be too tough on my original shot, I intentionally underexposed to get the shutter speed I needed in dawn's early light at 6:26 am, on a moving boat, with a moving subject handheld, without too much time to check, so I opened up to f~2.8 at 250 ISO and achieved a 1/750 of a second shutter speed.

The last image in this post is the original raw image. First I did some processing in camera raw; such as exposure adjustment, moving the clarity slider to the left to add a soft effect, light and dark adjustments, some color adjustments and luminance adjustments. Then I opened it in Photoshop, and made a layer out of the raw processed file and the original file only adjusted for exposure, blended them together, then straightened the horizon (its hard to get those horizons straight when the boat you are on is tacking) on the blended image and did some cloninng out of dirt spots. I then took that blended image and ran it through Topaz, can't remember if it was Adjust or Simplify 2. I then took that image and ran it through Topaz again for another effect to get the final image.

Hope that helps.....thanks for the inquiries and comments.

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  1. It was a nice journey in your blog. I felt that I was walking in paradise. Thank you.