Sunday, August 23, 2009

One More NIght By The Sea

I am thinking everyone might be tired of seeing the ocean! But I never get tired of seeing it or photographing it! Every night, every day is different and so is the light! Tonight I started making images at 6:00 and stopped at 7:45, when the flies started biting again. Boy it was nice to have some stormy weather for a couple days, it kept the flies away. The light was also fading! Fall is not far away. Sundown is getting earlier and earlier! I was using my 17-54 zoom, I never even try to change lenses when I go out to the beach, there is just too much sea mist and fine particulates in the beach air.
I wished I had that 200mm as a pod of porpoise...swam by. I put the camera in crop mode in hopes of getting a shot where one could at least make out a fin! The evening light finally got sweet for the first time in a couple nights since the hurricane brushed the coast. It reminded me of the light painted in a Maxfield Parrish image. Tomorrow is my last full day here for a couple weeks. Its always a bummer leaving!

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