Monday, August 3, 2009

Governor's Cup

Today, I have been working on selecting, editing and printing sample images all day. Not that there are that many, but I am seeing them many ways...The Professional Photographer's contest for Governor's Cup images, sponsored by St. Mary's College, my daughter's Alma mater, requires either color or black and white images for entries. As I was working on these images I was also seeing some of these images as toned sepia. Then as I continued working on them I began to see how Bodine fell in love with making images of the boats that sailed the Chesapeake. There is some kind of magic in them.


  1. really nice Website Karen. Fantastic photos. Will keep checking your work. The HDR is stunning. I find you on Flickr too.

  2. Hi Mike, yes I remember we met on the Paddle boat in Southern Maryland..did you get the lens you wanted for your Nikon? Do you have a post somewhere?