Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach House Rainy Day

Well it has been very nice hanging out here, no grass cutting, even though it's my house it still feels like a vacation! OK, call me crazy, but I took some images in the house today, well it was raining, and I had a request for some interior shots from a prospective renter. Little did she know she would get HDR processed, Topaz adjusted Photoshop enhanced images! So yes call me crazy! But I had fun, and yes did you mention Blue and Yellow? Well you guessed it that's my color scheme. I still have to do some shots of the front porch and the upstairs, but its getting bright out and I have been on this computer for a while between working on my Power Point for the Hopkins Beginner Digital Class and processing these few images. I need to let it cool down, and I need to go for a walk outside! It looks like there could be some great clouds for sundown, and the temps have dropped almost 20 degrees from yesterday, with the cold front that just blew through, its down to 80.

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