Monday, December 7, 2009

Baltimore's First Snow of The Season

Saturday we saw quite a heavy snowfall in the afternoon, accumulating a couple inches. While I was able to get out and shoot a little Saturday; Sunday morning also presented an opportunity. I was scheduled to meet some friends in Loch Raven at 7:15 , but when I drove through there at 6:50 am there was no snow in the pines and hardly any on the ground. The valley must have stayed warmer due to the water temperature. So I called Annette to let her know and headed up Jarretsville Pike to the Hunt Valley Golf Club scouting out places to shoot with the snow as the main event. The top of the hill above the grounds of the golf course was covered. I suggested the guys head up to Phoenix Road for some shots. They decided to enjoy a nice breakfast at Sanders Corner while I made a few shots before it became too bright. Fortunately I was able to connect for some coffee and breakfast, when I got back in my car I noticed that there were a few calls I had missed. These shots are pretty straight with maybe a touch of Topaz Adjust. I also made some impressionist images which I have yet to process...maybe later I'll get those on the blog...


  1. 'Winter Beauty' is my fav! What a beautiful snow! (I'm bookmarking blogs I follow and not following them on FB anymore. We're getting lost in the shuffle there) Barbara K

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    I was wondering where you went, But with all your frustration with FB, I am not surprised. Hope you still check in every so often on FB with some of your beautiful work!

  3. don't know if the posts will post, so we'll see. No one was leaving any comments, so assumed it wasn't being seen anyway. I'll stop by again! Take care. Barbara K