Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winters Hand

Last night when I heard the weather forecast for freezing temps over night, I decided to make a run up to the Susquehanna State Park early in the morning. I found exactly what I had hoped for, frozen edges along a pond. I marvel at the beauty of gently frozen water as it creates bubbles and shapes over the fallen leaves. It is truly nature's art. It was 28 when I pulled out of the garage, so I was pretty sure it had been cold enough over night to create this effect. I shot for several hours with Steve, and used my 200 mm macro all the time. Ice in the shade is very blue, so I also changed my white balance to shady. After shooting around the pond a quick trip north netted some icy "blobs" hanging from some leaves that had adhered to logs along side the river.

After shooting there for a half hour I was sufficiently frozen, that I needed to warm up with some coffee and waffles at the Waffle House.