Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Longwood Gardens Christmas

Today, Don, Steve and myself made a run up to Longwood Gardens. It was a bitter cold sunny and windy day, not the best for the gardens...and the dam road over the Susquehanna was closed due to icing. Then I realized I had left my macro lens in the big bag in my car.....; - ( Well that was OK, just a challenge to see things differently, I had plenty of gear with me. After a quick walk through the whole conservatory, which allowed our gear to adapt to the different temperatures and humidity inside I decided to make some environmental images. The crew at Longwood never ceases to amaze me with their taste, talent and gardening skills. They had set a beautiful table in the Mediterranean Room which attracted my eye for a possible HDR image. I then headed to the tropical room and started to make an image of a planted Holiday tree when this plant covered door caught my eye. I then headed back to the music room which had been set to resemble a sweetheart holiday dinner party a la the DuPont's. It was elegant, romantic and beautifully decorated! Having been a retailer I appreciated the presentation of dinner tables, set with china, silver and crystal, adorned with arrangements and gift packages. A dozen sweetheart tables are set for a romantic dinner dance. This enchanting party scene features fine, custom-made dinnerware created by decoupage artist Scott Potter. Finally I made a few Lensbaby images of holiday ornaments on the trees. Then it became so crowded it was impossible to shoot and every time I set my tripod up I drew a crowd of other photographers who wanted to see and shoot what ever I was.....so we headed out!
On the way home we scouted the canals along the Susquehanna for ice, and I think the ice will be good by Sunday morning! So we planned an ice shoot for Sunday!


  1. These are really really great Karen - fantastic - Have a Happy New Year!

  2. FANTASTIC! Love these! The hidden door is so cool... you already have holiday cards for next year.... Holiday Shine and Bauble! COOL BEANS!

  3. Thank both, you very much. I appreciate your comments!