Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day Images

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I saw the snow plows had been through the neighborhood over night. I thought that was good, maybe I could get out and make some images! But after donning my snow clothes again, I realized when I saw how much shoveling I now had to do, that was going to be the total of my efforts for the day. When I finished the shoveling project, I started wrapping Christmas presents and before I knew it the time had slipped away and it was Ravens game time. So, I did not get out to make any snow images today.
Tonight I processed one more image, "Rose Hips in Snow", which I made yesterday from the kitchen window. I was unsure of its value, but loved the colors and delicacy of my subject, so I revisited it tonight. After adding a layer of texture and a slight layer of fill color tonight, I decided I liked it and now I had achieved the "look" I had begun to envision, as I was processing it last night...sometimes images do evolve! The other image "Snowy Holiday" I processed yesterday and liked just the way it was but did not include it in yesterdays blog.
Maybe I'll get out that I have all my Christmas presents wrapped!

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