Sunday, December 27, 2009

Water Totems

Today I had a chance to get out a little in the afternoon and make some reflection images at Loch Raven. The light in the cove was perfect and the colors were magnificent. They reminded me of the colors of the south west, adobe orange, ivory, charcoal black like the cave dwelling figures and turquoise blue.

Each shot was very impressionistic as the ripples in the cove kept changing with the winds, and the reflections of the trees on the opposite bank took on very interesting shapes in the water. Reflections are best when the light is behind your back, striking the opposite side of the river or cove. The one shot which I included here that is a straight shot will give you an idea of the scene where I was shooting.

The square images here are mirror images, mirrored twice, once on the horizontal and then on the vertical creating the "Totem" pattern effect. I enjoy creating these patterns from reflections in water. It is always a bit of a surprise how the final image will appear.