Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frozen Beauties...

I'll be keeping an eye on the weather and the temperature predictions for the coming weekend. There might be another opportunity to shoot some icy beauties like yesterday. I already had a call from Annette to notify her if I go.
; - )) One thing for sure there will be plenty of water in the canals for ice to form.

Just processed a few more from yesterday. Watching the Ravens, doing some office work and laundry!

About the images here: All of them were shot using a 200 mm macro. The frosted leaf shot is an in camera image overlay, for a textural effect created with a swipe from last weekends snow shots. Leaf Abstract is also an image overlay in camera with a swipe from last weekends snow images, and then I went a little artsy and did some other Photoshop work. Winter Vision is also an image overlay using last weeks snowy images. The rest are straight shots processed in PS and Topaz Adjust.


  1. "Leaf Dance" is amazing! I went to Bombay Hook early this morning. Didn't get much of anything wildlife wise; however, I'm working on an HDR of a group of small trees with small ice rings around them.

  2. Thanks Reb, The trees and ice rings sound very interesting. Looking forward to seeing them.