Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 13 on the road In Ireland ~ Arrived Galway

After leaving the Aughnamore Castle, I set the Garmin for my final destination point that day, the Amberhill B&B in Galway. My photo library for this day is lean so I really must have enjoyed rambling or it rained...or I was anxious to find my hotel and put it down for the day. I also had to get prepared for driving in a little more crowded urban environment. I arrived around 5:00pm and checked into my third floor, no elevator up, room. Ha, this room was so small I hardly had room for my luggage and the bed, no tub, a small shower and a 1/2 sink. The room was clean and tastefully decorated a bit modern, so I settled in and made plans to find Ard Bia at Nimmos in Galway, a dinner spot I had read about and wanted to enjoy then I headed  out to find Ard Bia.
The streets were crowded as the start of the Volvo Ocean Cup race was only a few days away. After finding a parking spot in a garage, I headed out on foot to Ard Bia. Dinner was delicious and I was not disappointed! After dinner I rambled Galway streets a little and made a few  town shots. The  harbor walk was already cordoned off and under guard so I could not walk the harbor proper but made a shot or two from behind the barricades.
Then it began to rain! So I headed back to the Amberhill. More from the road in Ireland....tomorrow.

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