Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last Day Ireland Photo Tour ~ Gougane Barra

The last day of our photo tour with Peter Cox, John Barclay and Dan Sniffin was a bit rainy and very overcast. Gougane Barra was on the shot list on the way to Glengarriff and we stopped and made some images there in between the rainfall. We then made our way to Glengarriff to over night at the Seaview House Hotel. The Seaview House Hotel was a real treat. I spent some time talking to Kathleen O'Sullivan the owner about the house and it was her family home from the 1940's when her dad purchased the property. She upon her parents passing decided to convert the building to the Hotel it is today; she has done a magnificent job! Many of the rooms remain furnished with family heirlooms. At the time of our visit she was recovering from a fall on the steps and a broken hip.
We had a wonderful dinner in the hotel and the decision was made as the rain continued to pour that we would not go for any sunset shoot or morning shoot and we all got to sleep in. It was a great tour.......the next day we made our way back to Shannon where I picked up my car for the next adventure and ten more days on my own touring Ireland.....the real adventure begins! Stay tuned for my journey driving and photographing alone in Ireland, exploring the western coast....and more...

Gougane Barra


  1. Your images make me want to book a flight tomorrow.

  2. Great stuff on all days. You knocked it out of the park girlfriend!

  3. I'm supposed to be working on my own images but have been lost for the past half hour or more viewing yours! Decided to stop here and leave a comment because the image of the church at Gougane Barra is sort of what I had hoped for... but we had wind and rain and it was not to be. I just LOVED looking at your images but simply MUST stop now. I'll be back for more at another time. I am trying to cull my day 2 images with John, Dan and Peter down to a dozen or so and am not having much luck at it!

    1. Why thanks Victoria, for spending time on my pics. I look forwRd to seeing more of yours!