Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Portmagee, Ireland "Changing Light"

After we arrived in Portmagee and checked into our rooms, we had a great dinner, and took a few minutes rest. We headed out for a sunset shoot around 9:00pm...overlooking Valentia Island. The skies were very overcast and rain was forecast, but then again, rain is always in the Irish weather forecast! So we decided to go. When we arrived the scene looked like the first image below gray and flat.......but within ten minutes the sky started to show a little color. The clouds were moving at a great clip overhead and ever changing. I felt like I could grab one and ride it over to the island, as if on a cloud zip line. We stayed for 50 minutes and within that time we had amazing light and clouds shooting all the while until it was gone. The images below flow in time sequence. Peter Cox had been doing some time lapse photography during the week and I hope he recorded this sundown as it was really amazing with changing colors and clouds, you could feel the layers of clouds moving by overhead.

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