Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ladies View Killarney National Park

The evening shoot of our fifth tour day was looking a bit sketchy due to the weather; predicted to be rainy at 90%, but a few of us decided to go anyway to Ladies View in the Killarney Natonal Park. Ladies View is a scenic point along the N71 portion of the Ring of Kerry, in Killarney National Park, Ireland. The name apparently stems from the admiration of the view given by Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting during their 1861 visit. A short bus ride from the Lake Hotel and we were in the park looking over the valley with the lakes below. The rain did start to fall and the wind began to blow, but we decided to make a few shots since we were there. This was one time I was glad I brought my rain cover for the camera. Rain clouds always make for dramatic images and since there was no real color to work with I made black and white conversions of the shots with Nik Silver Efex Pro.

In addition to the scenic views there was an old tree with amazing structure growing sideways out of the hillside, so I made a few shots before getting back on the bus. I was glad I decided to go shoot in the rain!

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