Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beach Walk

Yesterday, I sanded and painted the big wooden blue fish chair on the second floor deck and did some laundry in between when the paint was drying. It was a great day for that! Hot and dry...and the little Porter Cable sander I bought did a fabulous job. After sanding and painting several coats I headed for the beach around 1:30. It was 90 degrees here but right by the ocean it was cool and I mean cool! Its amazing how the breezes and the water cool things down. We had a steady 10-15mph southerly breeze. I took a few walks on the beach, but it was not a swimming day! So by around 4:00 I headed back, cleaned up got the camera and went for a sundown walk. I was back on the beach by 6:00. Most of the folks had gone in but there were lots of beach walkers and  some children playing by the waters edge. The sky was clear blue with no clouds. I enjoyed the shore line patterns in the tide pools as the light filtered through the water, and I made a few images of folks on the beach. Oh, and I saw some porpoise heading south. They were too far out to get a good shot, but it is always nice to see them swimming by. The sun went down with no show...and I headed home.....today's project is shampooing! Then tomorrow I am outta here....I don't feel like I have done much this trip with the camera and wonder if the busyness of getting things done interferes with creativity! I bet it does! Well this weekend I am heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway with some photo friends and hope to get re-energized....

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