Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Ramble Part 2

Possum Hollow Road is not very long and you could buy an old house with 21 acres right near Lexington Virginia for $321,000; seems like a steal compared the Balto-DC metro area! But that's not the story....the drive down Possum Hollow Road started our afternoon ramble through the country. We drove down the road and then headed back over the ridge of the parkway on Rt 60 to Amherst where we picked up 29 north to Rt 151, a Virginia scenic byway on the east side of the ridge. We were hoping to find some accessible barns, and fields with the mountains in the afternoon light...a few minutes after turning on to Rt 151 my rambling bone got active and I started turning down some country roads, no stripes! The scenes became encouraging and before long we were looking at the scenes we had hoped to find....old barns, not so accessible but within shooting range. There are no trespassing signs every where! We parked in tractor roads and where we could pull off but we passed up quite a few scenes because we had no place to stop. We discovered a beautiful old mill Woodson's Mill with "No Trespassing" signs and we surely wished we could have just pulled into the drive and made some images. Next time I will do some foot work ahead and see if we can't get some one's permission to photograph there. After doing some more shooting and rambling, we were getting hungry again, well it was 7:00 pm. We were driving down Lowesville Road, when we saw this charming store and restaurant Mountain View Market. We stopped and we were glad we did. We both enjoyed a home cooked meal and met Cathy the owner, from LA, NYC and now Amherst VA where she and her husband purchased 200 acres and started this little business after years of high pressure jobs and city life! She was in Marketing for Mattell Toys. After dinner we made a few more shots and headed back for the night. We were pretty tired after being out  in the real hot weather since 4:30 am shooting and driving all day. As we headed back via the parkway we had a pretty sunset overlooking the town of Lexington so we stopped and made a few images.

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