Monday, June 28, 2010

West Virginia Parting Shots

The last evening we were in West Virginia, Marie and I decided to head up the rutted and rocky fire road to Bear Rocks one more time. As we drove the sunny afternoon became slightly overcast. When we arrived at the end of the road a storm was clearly brewing. I dropped Marie off a little before the parking lot and I quickly parked and set my gear up as quickly as possible to catch the scene of the fast moving, gathering storm clouds. As I watched and shot the storm I felt as if I were in some movie; the clouds quickly overcame us and the storm started to behave, with a bolt or two of lightening, huge winds and pounding rain. Marie was disappointed as she wanted to catch another sunset. But I was enjoying the storm from inside the car. She tried to get out and do some shooting but as soon as she got ten feet from the car another bolt of lightening lit up the sky. Through the window we could see the clouds on the horizon thinning and the sun was beginning to shine through on the distant horizon, casting a peach glow. It was pretty useless trying to get a shot as the wind was blowing the rain at a 45 degree angle and would have completely covered our lens. So we waited until the storm past just after sundown and caught the last light of the day. It rained overnight again and in the morning we went to Pendleton Point just to see what was happening. There was awesome mist rising over the ridge as the sun broke through the was a great trip and I can't wait to go back again...maybe fall....


  1. Beautiful sky in these images and 'Edge of Night' is so dramatic!

  2. Thanks Barbara, it was a wicked storm that blew through, I only wish I could have been shooting in the rain..but it was a little too dangerous.