Friday, June 4, 2010

Life on the Edge

The edge of the ocean and the shore, the edge of day into night, life on the edge of cultures merging in urban environments, decades merging into decades.....the shore and the ocean a great metaphor of life.
Sometimes the sea storms rage out of control and erode the shore only to reveal a new shore.
Sometimes the sea is calm and as soothing as a relaxing spa tub.
Sometimes the sky on the shore is as bright and uplifting as a song with a tune that makes your heart sing,
Sometimes the sky is as dark and ominous as the darkest night.
Sometimes there are rainbows after the storm.
Sometimes the storm carves a new shore.
Sometimes the sea and shore merge in the most ghostlike mist.
The ocean and the shore a favorite place of mine!
It evokes awe, it evokes joy, it evokes fear, it evokes sadness.....a metaphor for life on the edge of constant change.
This night the shore and the sea and the sky all seemed  to be one...the clouds hovering over the sea, the sea reflecting the clouds light, the shore reflecting the sky and the shore receiving the sea.....a beautiful calm, an awesome edge of darkness.


  1. I love the ocean too, and especially like the first one called 'Shore.' What wonderful clouds in that image. I love the metaphors and messages nature sends to us - and it's all in how we see things. Lovely writing too!

  2. Thanks Barbara!Yes nature does send us some wonderful messages, if we listen and are open to them!

  3. Love these Karen. Simple but such beauty. The vertical presentation with the clouds reminds me that we are so small and what's out there is so vast. The other two show me the strength of the sea. Very nice.