Saturday, June 26, 2010

West Virginia Barns

.....During the day when the sun became strong, Marie and I did some back road touring and when we came upon a barn we could access we stopped to make some images. I don't know why I like barns, but I know I am not the only one. Maybe its the pleasing proportions, simple natural lines and character of these basic structures that are honest and offer an integrity of design. Their simple, natural lines create a settled feeling on the land, like the barn has always been there! They possess a traditional beauty with their warm mellowed timbers, a romance and charm that cannot be duplicated in any other architectural form. Or maybe there is some long ago attachment in the DNA from when my family was farming land in the Northern Neck of Virginia in colonial days. When we were shooting we met some very nice folks who came  out to see what we were up to...we met Bonnie Nelson who has the prettiest piece of property on Laneville Road, in Dry Fork. Her front porch overlooks her barn in a field of hay, with the mountains beyond. She was so sweet to talk to and she gave us permission to walk on her land; but as usually in photography when road touring...shooting it from where you first saw it and stopped you with that Oh  man, that's a shot response is usually the best! 


  1. It is between Davis West Va, North on 219, toward Oakland, MD. off a side road west, or left off of 219, heading north from Davis, I never recorded the name of the road. There are a lot of Amish in the area, and hey helped rebuild this barn where one had burned down.