Sunday, June 27, 2010


Life is like's all about choices....or is Photography like life?

How do we select our subjects?
Where do we stand, where do we put our feet down?
Whats our point of view?
Are we high or low, vertical or horizontal?
Do we see a blur or with clarity?
Do we need a multiple exposure or will one do?
Which way is the light coming from? 
Is there a need for a point of view?
Do we see the big picture or are we into the details?
Can we see the trees for the forest, or forest for the trees?
I am sure there are a lot more thoughts on this theme...feel free to add yours!
Photography, like life, some choices are good and some are well not so good...

These images from West Virginia....are about a few simple we like it vertical or horizontal? Do we like a multiple exposure or a swipe? What foreground should I include? How can I minimize a bland sky and still get the framing I want?
I say do it all when you are in the field.
Like life grab it every way you can that works for you! and then decide....are we satisfied with the choices we made, did we get a shot? if not what will we do differently the next time if we get one? Analyze.....?


  1. Just posted on my blog with similar thoughts!

    Good post!