Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beach Day!

Wow it was another real pretty day at the beach. I headed up at 12:00 lathered with SPF30 and became a sand slug. The breeze was from the south at about 15 MPH so it was pretty cool along the water. I took my camera, just for fun with the plastic Lensbaby optic and the LB telephoto adapter. I made about 15 images from my beach chair. The beach was packed and I felt a little intrusive doing anything more than that. I did make them with the idea that I would do some snap art on them...just for fun....I need a serious photo shoot..maybe after the crowds head out Monday, I 'll head up to the refuge or maybe not, its supposed to be 99 degrees! and lots of humidity all week long, so maybe I'll just immerse myself in the ocean while I still can before the oil gets here.


  1. Great subjects for Snap Art!

  2. Thanks Barbara,

    Yeah, look what you started! I am pretty sure it was you that really motivated me to get it!